27 June 2011

Week 6 My Scraproom Rules

On the Friday night in Week 5 we had a Masterclass with Ebony van der Starre. This was such a cool and funky layout but totally not what I would normally do. I had some photos from my birthday dinner taken on my iPhone which were perfect for the papers and style. Thanks Ebony for such a wonderful layout to copy! I have blocked out one of the photos for privacy reasons.

Well the last week of the competition and they have thrown everything at us. We had three mini challenges although each of those nearly took me as long as one normal weekly challenge!

The first one was to decorate a wooden spoon with our left-over scraps from the competiton. I decided to go with the cooking theme. As OTP is not really my thing I did the best I could.

Then we had to do something with a cupcake on it. An OTP cupcake, a card or layout. I decided to go with a party invitation and some place-cards with cupcakes on them. They were quite simple but I like them. There were some elaborate OTP cupcakes so I won't be placing anywhere this week!

Then we had to do a layout with an old v young or east meets west theme, again with leftovers. I did an outdoors layout with bright colours and also used old-fashioned crocheted doilies with modern funky papers.

The big announcement of the winner is on Friday night. I don't expect to come anywhere but it has been such a blast getting some great layouts and projects done that I love.

17 June 2011

Scrapping Outback My Scraproom Rules Week 5

Well - we are up to week 5 now and this week we had to follow a "recipe" which I have to say was quite difficult as we weren't given a full layout to have a look at, just sneak peaks. Not my favourite layout of the comp but I followed the recipe to a T!

11 June 2011

My Scraproom Rules - Week 4

Wow - this week certainly was a challenge - we had to do a mini-book. Anyone who knows me knows my love/hate relationship with OTP! It took me literally all week to do amongst everything else!

04 June 2011

Scrapping Outback My Scraproom Rules Week 3

The week 3 challenge was a mystery box challenge and we had a list of ingredients that we could use which was meat, pastry, oil, pasta, sugar, flower and mixed herbs. We had to justify each ingredient that we used (say chipboard) against one of the listed ingredients. I found this one tricky also as I felt like I was doing my layout back to front - picking the ingredients first and then putting it together. I spent a lot of time shuffling and changing this one - seriously overthought it!! I do like it though.

We also had a pressure test in Week 2 where we had to pick a number from two lists which would determine which embellishment and technique we had to use. I ended up getting doodling and ribbon/lace. This was certainly out of my comfort zone as I am not usually a "doodler" on my pages. Having said that, this is one of my favourite layouts that I have done in recent times - just came together.